Our Values


We practice radical transparency in working to determine what is really true in our underwriting of investments.


We're focused on building strong relationships with our borrowers. We also greatly value our ability to do repeat business with our investors and lenders, many of whom we've done several projects with.


We’ve never failed to execute our entire business plan on a development or repositioning project. We’ve taken on some challenging projects and we’ve completed every one of them. Within our lending platform, the success of the project remains our number one priority; from the moment a term sheet is signed we are committed to helping the borrower succeed in their business plan.


We conduct ourselves with integrity and will walk away from business with people who don’t.
Kriss Capital is a real estate lender based in New York with a focus on construction and condo Inventory Loans.

20 West 20th Street,
Suite 803,
NY, NY 10011

T: 917-246-4846

E: info@krisscapital.com

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