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Where Lending Expertise Meets Development Know-how

Kriss Capital is a New York-based private real estate lender with a focus primarily on loans secured by first mortgages to residential developers. We combine our exceptional expertise and due diligence with our ironclad relationships with PE funds, family offices, and other large institutional investors to garner unparalleled returns.

Our founder, Jody Kriss, brings over 25 years of invaluable expertise in the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate as both a developer and lender. His extensive experience in developing a dozen ground-up construction projects gives us intimate knowledge of the wants and needs of developers. As lenders, this unique advantage enables us to capitalize on niche opportunities, where capital is relatively undersupplied or risk is misplaced in our favor, resulting in reliable outsized returns.

Our commitment to due diligence and market insights has led us to successfully close loan commitments totaling approximately $700 million to date. Due to our prudent approach to risk management, we are proud to share that our record currently includes no foreclosures, and we strive to maintain this immaculate record for the long term. However, even in the most dire of circumstances, we are confident in our ability to step in and take over the project if necessary due to our skills developed over years of experience and honed by our occasional involvement in development projects.

We are passionate about creating value and delivering outstanding results.

Kriss Capital is a real estate lender based in New York with a focus on construction and condo Inventory Loans.

20 West 20th Street,
Suite 803,
NY, NY 10011

T: 917-246-4846

E: info@krisscapital.com

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